30 Years of Numismatics

A. Packard, Numismatist

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]RIEF HISTORY ABOUT THIS SITE – This site was originally established as a means to network with potential clients, customers, and fellow collecting enthusiasts. I am a seasoned numismatist with over 30 years experience in studying rare coinages, medals, and exonumia.

Over time, the site has grown to include other areas of numismatics, including research, history, and tutorials.

Comments and suggestions for improving the site are always welcome.

NUMISMATIST – Author of dozens of scholarly papers in the field of exonumismatics, including articles about the issuers, those who used them, and the minters. Specialties and focal areas include coins of the North American Colonial Period, Pre-Federal State Issues, Early American Coppers, and exonumia of the Hard Times, Merchant, and Civil War Eras.

Proud Member:

  • American Numismatic Association
  • Virginia Numismatic Association
  • Colonial Coin Collectors Club
  • Token and Medal Society
  • Civil War Token Society
  • Maryland Token and Medal Society
  • American Vecturist Association
  • National Scrip Collectors Association
  • Alexandria Coin Club
  • Numismatic Society


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  1. I recently purchased a token from George T. Hussey and I was trying to learn more about Mr. Hussey. Do you know when he was born an when he died.

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