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Nova Numismatics is a full service organization dedicated exclusively to Colonial, Early State, Pre-Federal, Early American, Hard Times, Merchant, Civil War, and Scrip coinages and tokens.

Whether you’re a collector of 18th century Colonials or Coppers, 19th century store cards, coal mining scrip, lumber tokens, transportation tokens, soda tokens, or other types of exonumia, you are likely to find interesting specimens available for acquisition, as well as a wealth of numismatic articles.

For those who are just getting started at exploring more about tokens and exonumia, there are also articles for beginning numismatists as well.

Whatever your reason for visiting, it’s with sincerest wishes that you find something of interest.

Comments and suggestions for improving the site are always welcome.

Aaron Packard

nyc-subway30 YEARS OF NUMISMATICS – Author of dozens of scholarly papers in the field of exonumia, including articles about the issuers, those who used them, and the minters. Specialties and focal areas include coins of the North American Colonial Period, Pre-Federal State Issues, Early American Coppers, and tokens of the Hard Times, Merchant, and Civil War Eras.

Aaron Packard is a proud member of the following numismatic societies and organizations:

  • American Numismatic Association
  • Virginia Numismatic Association
  • Maryland Token and Medal Society
  • Florida Token Society
  • Colonial Coin Collectors Club
  • Token and Medal Society
  • Civil War Token Society
  • American Vecturist Association
  • National Scrip Collectors Association
  • Alexandria Coin Club
  • Numismatic Society

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