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Nova Numismatics aspires to continually contribute to the study of numismatics by pursuing the historical and human angle of the field. Coins and currencies, whether through official emissions, private tokens, or scrip, survive as testimonies to earlier historical times and past events.

In the cases of tokens, scrip, and other unofficial money, they represent an even richer reflection of past eras — and more importantly, a context of the people and societies themselves.

Exonumia tells a story. Whether about a person, a business, a town, an age, or an event — it provides a snapshot back in time, revealing glimmers of the human condition, which have for the most part become long since forgotten.

Over the years many numismatists have labored long hours correlating, amassing, and reconstructing the histories and context of exonumismatic pieces.

Sylvester Crosby and Lyman H. Low were but only two of the earliest pioneers in cataloging private emissions. Following in their footsteps were Edgar A. Adams and George & Melvin Fuld. Finally most recently in modern times, catalogers include Russell Rulau, David Schenkman, Tony Chibarro, Steve Hayden, David Bowers, and many others.

Naturally, gaps exist with the enormous amount of emissions that have occurred over North America’s history. Where some information has been found about specimens, further information is always longing to be discovered. Where no information exists, a tempting opportunity of discovery awaits.

Where such gaps exist, it is this Numismatist’s desire to contribute to the field, and share the research with others who are equally interested.

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A. Packard

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