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The W.W. Wilbur Auctioneer Tokens, Charleston SC


William W. Wilbur is infamous for having been an auctioneer who owned and operated a mercantile during the pre-Civil War era of Charleston, South Carolina. Wilbur’s business activities were quite varied, and included auctions (more…)

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Henry Miller & His Winter Garden Tokens


Born in Lobenstein Germany on April 2, 1820, Henry Miller emigrated to the United States on July 1st 1845.  Upon his initial arrival in New York City, Miller immediately located to Philadelphia. Upon his arrival in Philadelphia, Miller took a job as a scale-maker, and pursued this vocation until 1849.  Having noticed a deficit of […]

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The “Model Artist’s” Theatre and Its Token

Mata Hari Model Artists

In the 1850s entertainment ventures started opening in New York City that made tableaux vivants their primary bill. Tableaux vivants — the forerunner of burlesque — featured actors, mostly women, posing nude or semi-nude under the guise of replicating master artworks …

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The Roxbury Coaches & Its Omnibus Tokens


In 1826 entrepreneur Brooks Bowman started the first hourly passenger service between Roxbury and Boston Massachusetts. Running coaches six days a week, he named his fleet ‘The Roxbury Coaches,’ and created a transportation empire that lasted over three decades …

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Edward Aschermann’s Cigar & Tobacco Tokens


Born in Germany in 1834, Edward Aschermann emigrated to the United States at about the age of 16. Quickly assimilating as a new immigrant, Aschermann didn’t wait very long to establish his own business. It is uncertain as to when Aschermann took residence in Wisconsin, but as early as 1859 (more…)

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Showman John Lake Young’s Atlantic City Pier


Being born in 1853 to an oysterman and his wife in the village of Absecon in New Jersey, John Lake Young spent his life living along the Atlantic shore. A scrappy and enterprising individual (more…)

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Jacob Rech’s Carriages & Wagons Centennial Token


Born in Germany on May 10, 1828, Jacob Rech began his career as a blacksmith, starting out as an apprentice when he was just a boy. At the age of 15, Rech found his way to the United States, and settled in Philadelphia. (more…)

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Bernard S. Baruc’s Fancy Goods & Toys Tokens


Being one of the earliest tokens on record for the State of South Carolina, during the 1850’s Bernard S. Baruc of Charleston had two varieties of store card tokens struck for his short-lived fancy goods business. Both the man and his tokens have for many years been an enigma.  The availability of his tokens is […]

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The Gettysburg Electric Railway & Its Token


In 1891 The Gettysburg Electric Railway Company was established. Its purpose was to provide motorized trolley tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Construction for the railway took two years, and it was completed in 1893. (more…)

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The Quack Doctor Eady & His Farthing Token


Dr. Samuel Phillips Eady was an infamous London physician in early-to-mid 19th century London. Most historical accounts of Dr. Eady were less than complimentary. In The British Medical Journal, March 19, 1955, a writer in London (more…)

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The W.W. Wilbur Auctioneer Tokens, Charleston SC


William W. Wilbur is infamous for having been an auctioneer who owned and operated a mercantile during the pre-Civil War […]

Our Nation’s First Interstate & Its Toll Tokens


Our nation’s first interstate, the National Road, traversed through Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland. It was the United States’ first fully […]

Attributing the N.C. Folger Tokens of New Orleans

N.C. Folger's Clothing Store

Of the many token varieties listed in Wright, Miller, and Rulau, few are as difficult to attribute than the merchant […]

The Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century

The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century by Dalton & Hamer

Dalton & Hamer’s Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century. Published 1910. An illustrative guide that covers Conder tokens throughout the […]

The Fenian Brotherhood Token of 1866


Shortly before the American Civil War, an Irish nationalist militia was formed in the United States. Founded by Irish immigrants […]